Oxygen duration calculator & alarm, adapted for nursing, EMS and fire service. O2Monitor - Your personal oxygen duration calculator with alarm function! It also allows you to calculate the remaining oxygen and gas volume easily. Designed for rescue service, EMS, fire brigade and nursing staff. This app is intended for rescue service, nursing or fire brigade, NOT for any kind of blood oxygen measurement by smartphone or pulse control. This app is made for simple oxygen gas volume calculations and oxygen duration calculation, primaliry for educational purposes. O2Monitor offers a practical oxygen calculator with alarm for your smartphone. In rescue/firefighting applications the application keeps track of the oxygen bottle volume and gives warning signals when the supply is running low. But also outside the operation - for example during vehicle inspection - the calculation function can be helpful and immediately take over the data for monitoring. This tool is intended for the training of rescue service staff such as paramedics, emergency paramedics, but also in areas of the fire brigade or healthcare. It is therefore ideal for paramedics, firefighters, intensive care or ambulance transport with oxygen! Since the new update the monitor function is in test mode, because some Android versions handle background processes differently. This can lead to the app being closed/paused in the background without the user noticing. So please ALWAYS USE with caution and keep the app open to be on the safe side. I will try to fix this problem as soon as possible in the next update! Updates & News: https://twitter.com/O2Monitor If you have any questions, feel free to send me an email! :) That's it, O2Monitor, an easy oxygen flow calculator. © O2Monitor - Calculator & Alarm If you are not redirected automatically, follow this link. Or download at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tobi.dev.o2monitor